Municipal Utilities and Industrial Customers

Our products for industrial customers and Municipal Utilities are flexible and transparent. Beyond short-term and mid-term solutions we provide long term security of supply. Together with our experts we will find powerful energy supply strategies matching your needs.

Being an independent energy service provider and supplier, we are able to offer our partners tailor-made product solutions around their energy portfolio. In doing so, we use a wide range of physical and financial products available on the international power & gas markets.

Your benefits:

We support you with our highly qualified team

  • optimizing your risks for your benefit
  • in your structured portfolio development

Full Supply (FS) versus Market Access:

Depending on your risk appetite and available resources, our experts will support you to achieve the optimal strategy for you. Have a first glance below and contact us to discuss your needs.

Full Supply – Fair product, low effort, low risks: Lean back and enjoy security of supply

In a Full Supply contract, we supply you with the full volume you need at a fixed price, transparently based on OTC – or exchange settlement prices. We take balancing risks and price risks. Your volumes will be delivered within our balancing group with no additional workload from your side and with a supplier by your side that you can trust. In the meantime lean back and focus your energy on the areas that let your business grow.

Full Supply with Tranches – Giving you sovereignty over price risk and opportunity

With a Tranche model, you will still receive the full supply of your energy needs, but you take ownership over price risks and opportunity. Fixing the tranches allows you to determine the energy price yourself, enabling you to protect against structural risks like for example changes in winter-summer-spread. The application of a transparent pricing formula enables you to spread your risks and use your chances actively. By the time delivery starts the full contract price is pre-fixed for the complete energy demand, giving you a clear picture of your energy costs.

Full Supply with Market Access – Optimization without balancing risk

If you want to dive deeper into optimization of your energy portfolio, we can provide you with market access. You will be able to procure standard products priced at exchange settlement or based on trader quotation through us. While this provides you with a maximum of flexibility, deliveries are still done within our balancing group, lifting the balancing risk and the associated administrative processes off your shoulders. This solution requires dedicated resources from your side and is usually suitable for companies with substantial energy demand or if energy prices are a substantial part of your production costs.

Market access

If you have your own portfolio management and procurement structures and are looking for a solution to balance the risks and opportunities in the international gas and power markets, PST is your reliable market partner. Whether you want to trade standard base and peak products or highly individualized profiles at fixed or indexed prices – get in touch with us and we will find the best solution for your commodity needs.

Tailor-made solutions

If your energy portfolio has specific risks and therefore requires individual solutions, i.e. covering your exposure against weather changes, please do not hesitate to contact our market experts to discuss any potential solutions made to measure in order to help to cover your energy price risk according to your needs.