About Us

PST – PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH is a young and growing energy trading company with headquarters in Munich. We develop fair and transparent products and services for the global energy markets. From our Head Office and Branch in Munich, offices in Warsaw and London, we trade pipeline gas, LNG and related commodities. In addition, we support our municipal partners and industrial customers with customized energy solutions.

Energy is agile. Its value changes constantly based on a variety of factors influencing market rules of supply and demand. Our strength in trading relies on our ability to understand these factors and act quickly in the markets. This helps keep the price risk low and score favorable conditions for our customers and partners.

PST is part of the ORLEN Group with headquarter in Warsaw, Poland, which has a long-standing history in the energy industry. ORLEN is active along the whole energy value chain, both in Poland and globally. As a result, the group is one of the major energy players in Europe. Backed by ORLEN Group, we provide our customers with secure and reliable energy products and services.

We use our strengths to design state-of-the-art products, meeting the requirements of current market conditions, as well as the needs of our customers. Hence, our highly qualified and dedicated experts are happy to provide personal assistance and service-oriented support. Like this, we aim to expand our market shares worldwide and secure them for the mutual benefit in long-term partnerships.

Get to know us, learn about our business activities and get in touch in case of any questions left unanswered.