13 May 2019

PST Purenergy educates young ambassadors for climate justice

13 May 2019

In cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet PST Purenergy is promoting climate justice within the framework of a PST Children's Academy on the climate crisis on 18 May 2019 in Gelting.

The offer for children between the ages of 9 and 12 is intended to encourage them to learn about the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. The children learn to pass on their knowledge through lectures and activities and plant their own trees to counteract climate change step by step.  At the end of the day  the children some will be appointed ambassadors for climate justice. Participation and meals are free of charge.

Topics at a glance:

Climate crisis and global justice: Where does the climate crisis come from and what is its impact - on us and on people elsewhere?

Ecological connections: What influence do trees have on the climate crisis - how do they reduce the CO2 content of the atmosphere?

Methods of public relations and motivation work: What can I do concretely myself? How can I reach my friends, my school, the media?

WHEN: 18 May, 9-17:30

WHERE: Katholisches Pfarrheim Gelting, Markt Schwabener Straße 15, 85652 Pliening

Further information and registration: https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/de/mitmachen/akademien/20190518-gelting/details

PST Purenergy also focuses on climate neutrality in its energy products

As early as 2014, the Munich-based energy provider received certification as a climate-neutral company. Purenergy not only offers 100% green electricity and climate-neutral gas, but also supports other companies in identifying their emission sources and advises them on how they can drastically reduce their CO2 emissions and thus relieve the burden on the environment.

"We live our sustainability concept by not only offering TÜV-certified green electricity and greenhouse gas at favourable prices for private and commercial customers, but also supporting selected sustainable projects that really make a difference and show effect where it is most important: In the minds and hearts of the next generation," says Patric Weiler, PST Europe Sales’ Head of Sales and Marketing.